Are Expensive Smoothie Makers Worth It? (Explained)

We’ve all seen those smoothie makers that cost an arm and a leg, but is spending hundreds of dollars really worth it to get a top-of-the-line smoothie maker?

In other words, Are expensive smoothie makers worth it?

Expensive smoothie makers are worth it if they are within your budget, you make smoothies regularly, and you use the special features. Expensive smoothie makers are quieter, more powerful, and come with lots of presets. They are not worth it if you rarely drink smoothies or only use basic features.

Let’s explore if a high price is synonymous with high quality.

5 Times Expensive Smoothie Makers Are Worth It

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Smoothie makers are essential kitchen appliances for anyone who enjoys blending their own smoothies and other beverages.

Many people might be hesitant to invest in an expensive smoothie maker, but there are plenty of times when an expensive smoothie maker is worth it.

Here are 5 times when it is definitely worth shelling out a bit more money for a high-quality smoothie maker.

1) You Make Smoothies On a Regular Basis

First, if you are someone who makes smoothies on a regular basis, a more expensive smoothie maker will be worth the money.

If you only plan to make a few smoothies here and there, then investing in a high-end blender may be an unnecessary expense.

On the other hand, if you find yourself making multiple smoothies every week (say 4+ times), then investing in a higher-quality machine can be worth it in the long run.

Additionally, high-end blenders often come equipped with additional features like pre-programmed settings that take out the guesswork when blending different types of food.

This can be especially useful for people who are new to creating their own recipes.

Or if you don’t have much experience using blenders in general.

2) You Want To Make Smoothies for a Long Time

Second, if you want a smoothie maker that looks great and will last for a long time, an expensive model is the way to go.

These machines are typically made of high-quality materials that will stand up to everyday use.

You usually get what you pay for.

Cheaper models may need replacing every year or two due to wear and tear or inefficient performance. More costly models, on the other hand, are built with long-lasting materials and top-of-the-line components.

This means they should last much longer than their budget counterparts — making them an excellent value over time.

3) You Want More Powerful Motors

Third, high-end blenders usually come with more powerful motors than their base-level counterparts.

These powerful motors allow them to effortlessly blend up frozen fruits and vegetables as well as protein powders and other ingredients with ease.

You can quickly create velvety-smooth blends without having to stop and scrape down the jar or constantly add liquid.

Saving time and frustration that comes from blending tough ingredients is a major advantage.

With these expensive smoothie makers, you can whip up a delicious smoothie quickly and with less fuss.

4) You Want an Easy to Clean Smoothie Maker

Fourth, if you’re looking for a smoothie maker that is easy to clean, an expensive model is worth the money.

Many of these machines come with removable parts that can be placed in the dishwasher, making cleanup a breeze.

Plus, they are designed for ergonomic handling, easy maintenance, and user-friendly cleaning.

You can, of course, clean any smoothie.

But the more expensive ones are just easier and less frustrating to clean.

5) You Want a Quieter Smoothie Maker

Finally, if you want a smoothie maker that is quiet and won’t disturb your family or neighbors, an expensive model is worth the money.

These machines often come with noise-reducing technology, meaning you can make your smoothies without having to worry about disturbing anyone.

Noise levels may not mean much to you until you blend something early in the morning.

I’m convinced the sound is 10X louder before 7 am.

Here is a good video that pits three differently priced smoothie makers against each other in a live test:

YouTube video by The Gadget Show – Are Expensive Smoothie Makers Not Worth It?

When Are Expensive Smoothie Makers Not Worth It?

Expensive smoothie makers can be a great investment for those who enjoy making healthy and delicious smoothies.

However, there are times when these pricey machines may not be worth the money, especially if you’re on a budget or don’t make smoothies very often.

Here are three reasons why an expensive smoothie maker might not be the best choice for you:

  1. Not In Your Budget – The most obvious downside is the price. If your budget is tight, an expensive smoothie maker might not be in the cards. It’s important to prioritize your needs and wants, but if fresh smoothies aren’t something that you must have in your daily routine, then it might be best to use a less expensive alternative.
  2. You Don’t Make Smoothies Very Often – If you don’t make smoothies regularly, then investing in an expensive appliance may not make sense. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy machine, try using less costly methods like blending with hand mixers or blenders that require much less of an upfront investment.
  3. You Don’t Need All The Fancy Features – Some high-end models come with a variety of extra features like multiple speed settings and cordless convenience that may seem useful at first glance but may not actually be necessary for the type of work that you intend to do with the machine. Carefully consider whether these added extras are really worth the extra money before committing to purchase one of these types of appliances.

Blenders: Are the $500 Blenders Worth It?

Someone on Reddit said: “Do you drive a Lamborghini? Then, yes, buy two.”

That’s funny but only partially accurate.

Here is how to know if your expensive blender is worth it:

  • If you plan to use your pricey blender every day – or several times per day
  • If you want chef-level smoothness and taste
  • If you need to make soups, smoothies, and other blended recipes often
  • If you like and can afford to splurge on nice things

Then again, you can get a really good blend with a less expensive blender for between $100-$300.

One of my friends even swears by the $50 blender he bought several years ago.

What’s The Difference Between Cheap, Mid-Price, and Expensive Smoothie Makers?

  • Cheap Smoothie Makers:
    • Speed: Lower speed than mid-price and expensive models
    • Power: Less powerful than both mid-price and expensive models
    • Smoothness: Usually results in less smooth smoothies due to lower power
    • Features: Fewer features, such as limited variable speeds or pre-programmable settings
  • Mid-Price Smoothie Makers:
    • Speed: Faster than cheap models and not as fast as expensive models
    • Power: More powerful than cheap models but not as much as the expensive ones
    • Smoothness: Mid-priced smoothie makers give you a noticeably smoother texture
    • Features: Includes more features than cheap models such as more speed settings, timers, and other pre-programmable settings
  • Expensive Smoothie Makers:
    • Speed: Higher motoring power that allows for faster blending compared to the other two options
    • Power: Most powerful option of the three with motors that can generate enough power for tough ingredients like nuts and fibrous fruits
    • Smoothness: The most consistent blend due to its high motoring power and ability to break down tough ingredients quickly
    • Features: Top features include pre-programmed settings, multiple speed settings, programmable timer switches, auto shutoff functions, measuring cups, or markings on jug walls

In my experience, the biggest differences you will notice are the speed, ease, and taste of the smoothie.

My family loves our Vitamix smoothie maker and can’t imagine going back to a less smooth drink.

Best Expensive Smoothie Makers

After testing several expensive smoothie makers, here are my top recommendations:

Best Expensive Smoothie MakersPrice
Vitamix ExplorianSee the price
Ninja SS401 Foodi Power BlenderSee the price
Margaritaville BaliSee the price
Chart: Best Expensive Smoothie Makers – Are Expensive Smoothie Makers Worth It?

As I mentioned, my family uses the Vitamix smoothie maker.

It was definitely an expensive initial purchase but I can attest that it’s been worth it. My wife and kids enjoy making different creations with the blender several times a week – usually, we make smoothies every other day.

As this is a pricier piece of kitchen equipment, I was worried about problems or malfunctions after purchasing.

But three years later, we’ve had no issues whatsoever.

Once my family made the switch to Vitamix, it quickly became clear why they are so popular.

You can create drinks that pack powerful nutrition with practically any combination of fruits and veggies you can think of. And the ease at which even my youngest can make a drink is unparalleled – simply throw all your ingredients into the blender, click the preprogrammed setting, and voila!

The Vitamix really has been invaluable for our family.

With its sleek design, convenient operation, and efficiency in producing delicious meals and snacks, I highly recommend investing in one of these machines.

Final Thoughts: Are Expensive Smoothie Makers Worth It?

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if an expensive smoothie maker is worth the money. Consider your needs and budget, and choose the type of appliance that best suits you.

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