Are Overalls Good for Cold Weather? (Answered)

If you work or play in cold weather, you need the right clothing.

Are overalls good for cold weather?

Overalls can be a great option for cold weather. They provide an extra layer of warmth under other clothing. Overalls can protect your clothing from becoming damp or dirty if you are outside in the snow or rain. Overalls are good for moderately or extremely cold weather.

To write this article, I slipped on my favorite pair of overalls and tested them in a series of cold temperatures.

3 Reasons Overalls Are Good for Cold Weather

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After a lifetime of wearing overalls in cold weather, I’ve found that there are three good reasons that overalls are good for cold weather.

Those three reasons are that overalls:

  1. Provide an extra boost of warmth
  2. Can be easily layered under other clothing
  3. Protect your clothing from becoming damp or dirty

Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Overalls Provide an Extra Boost of Warmth

The first reason that overalls are good for cold weather is that they provide an extra layer of warmth.

When it’s cold outside, you need all the warmth you can get.

Overalls add an extra layer of insulation, which can help keep you warm in chilly weather. Additionally, overalls can be made from heavyweight materials like denim or wool, which will further help to keep you warm.

Overalls Can Be Easily Layered Under Other Clothing

The second reason that overalls are good for cold weather is that they can be easily layered under outer coverings, such as a sweater, jacket, or coat.

Layering is key in cold weather, as it allows you to trap heat close to your body and creates additional insulation.

Wearing overalls makes layering a breeze.

Simply put on a pair of overalls over your other clothing, and then top them off with a coat or jacket. Trust me, you’ll be toasty.

Overalls Protect Your Clothing from Becoming Damp or Dirty

The third reason that overalls are good for cold weather is that they protect your clothing from becoming damp or dirty.

If you are outside in the snow or rain, your clothes can quickly become soaked.

Wearing overalls will help to keep your clothing dry and clean. Additionally, overalls can provide a barrier between your skin and harsh elements like wind, snow, and ice.

Are Overalls Good for Snow?

Another question you may be wondering is, “Are overalls good for snow?”

The answer is yes.

In fact, I spent a day in the snow in overalls as part of the research for this article.

Overalls can be a great option for playing or working in the snow. They will help to keep you warm and dry, and can also protect your clothing from becoming damp or dirty.

Just make sure to layer up underneath if it’s particularly cold out.

Growing up in the frigid North, I spent many winters bundled up in overalls.

They were always my go-to piece of clothing for playing in the snow or working outside.

I never found them to be constricting or uncomfortable, and I always felt warm and protected in them.

If you are looking for a versatile and practical piece of cold-weather clothing, overalls are a great option.

Overalls will keep you warm, they will keep you dry, and they will protect your body from the most extreme elements. So, next time you are gearing up for a day in the snow, don’t forget your overalls.

Are Overalls Good for Really Cold Weather?

Overalls are good for any type of cold weather condition.

However, some types of overalls work better than others, based on how bad the weather gets.

Winter overalls are overalls designed to be worn in the winter. They are made from heavyweight materials like denim or wool, and often have a quilted lining for additional warmth.

Thermal overalls are another option for really cold weather.

Thermal overalls are made from a material that helps to trap heat close to your body, making them ideal for frigid conditions.

For mild cold conditions, medium insulation will work.

But for sub-zero temperatures, you’ll most likely want to wear overalls with an extreme cold weather bib.

The more insulated the overalls, the warmer you’ll be.

You can also layer clothing underneath your overalls to further increase warmth.

Are Waterproof Overalls Good for Cold Weather?

If you’re going to get overalls for the cold, I highly suggest that you go with a version that is waterproof.

Even if it’s not currently raining or snowing.

You just never know when the temperature will suddenly drop.

And if you’re caught in a downpour or snowstorm without waterproof overalls, you’re going to be in for a cold and wet day.

Waterproof overalls are also good for protecting your clothing from ending up damp or dirty.

No matter what the temperature is like, they will keep you dry and clean.

Are Coveralls or Bibs Better for Cold Weather?

All other things being equal, coveralls will keep you warmer.

However, I recommend that you get both for the versatility. When you own bibs and overalls, you’ll be prepared for any type of weather.

The last thing you want is to be caught in the cold without proper protection.

So, make sure you have a good pair of overalls and bibs for cold weather conditions.

Are Overalls Good for Working Outside in the Cold?

Overalls are good if you work outside in lower temperatures.

Insulated overalls with hoods will keep you warm enough to think straight, move around in the cold, and focus on your task (not your freezing body).

They will also protect your other clothing from ending up damp or dirty.

And if you choose a pair that is waterproof, you’ll be extra protected from the elements.

Are Overalls Good for Hiking in the Cold?

Overalls are not typically thought of as hiking gear.

But if you’re going to be hiking in extremely cold weather, I strongly suggest that you consider them.

Overalls are roomy and keep you comfortable and dry during your hikes.

Yet, there are some things to keep in mind, though, when hiking in bib overalls.

For one thing, you’ll want to invest in some light, waterproof overalls. Hiking in the rain with overalls that soak up rain or water can be a disaster.

Thin, insulated, waterproof overalls with hoods usually work best.

Are Overalls Good for Snowboarding?

Overall bibs are good for snowboarding.

Overalls will prevent you from getting too cold on the slopes. And if you choose a pair that is waterproof, you’ll be extra protected from the snow and rain.

Overalls also fit more body types – a huge advantage over traditionally snowboarding pants.

Not to mention that winter overalls provide plenty of storage space.

Just make sure that the overalls you choose feel comfortable and provide a full range of motion.

You don’t want to be restricted while you’re trying to enjoy your time on the slopes.

Are Overalls Good for Snow Skiing?

As with snowboarding, overall bibs are good for skiing.

They will keep you toasty and protected from the cold weather and any falling snow.

For snow skiing, I recommend:

  • Waterproof
  • Hood
  • Medium to sub-zero insulation
  • Non-cotton fabric

Best Overalls for Cold Weather

Having worn dozens of different brands, I have serious opinions when it comes to which overalls are best for cold weather.

My favorite brand of overalls for cold weather is Refigiwear.

Specifically, the Iron Tuff edition.

Hands down, they make the best overalls for extremely cold weather conditions. They are durable, insulated, and waterproof. And they have a great fit that allows for a full range of motion.

I’ve worn their overalls in -40°F weather. They always kept me warm and comfortable.

My second pick is a Berne Men’s Heritage overall.

Are Carhartt Overalls Good for Snow?

Carhartt overalls are good for snow and cold weather in general.

My personal favorite Carhartt comes from their Yukon Extremes series.

This collection from Carhartt is made for harsh winter climates. These are the most durable and warmest Carhartt overalls I’ve ever worn.

For good reason, too: they’re made of a robust Cordura Duck Nylon exterior with a quilted-arctic inner lining. That’s the warmest insulating material currently available from Carhartt.

Here is a good video that ranks Carhartt bibs and overalls with scientific data:

YouTube video by Carl Murawski—Are Overalls Good for Cold Weather?

Are Berne Men’s Heritage Overalls Good for Cold Weather?

Like I said, these are my second go-to type of overalls. They cost significantly less than some other overalls on the market (cough…Carhartt…cough).

Yet, they work just as well in my opinion.

I’ve used them for years while ice fishing without any problems. One of my favorite parts about them is all the pockets for storage.

When you’re ice-fishing all day in the middle of a frozen lake, you need as much storage as possible.

Are Dickies Winter Overalls Good for Cold Weather?

Dickies are good overalls for cold weather.

While I’ve only used a few in my life, I know plenty of cold-weather warriors who swear by them.

The ones I’ve worn were comfortable.

Most importantly, they felt warm enough to spend a few hours outside on a chilly day.

Final Thoughts: Are Overalls Good for Cold Weather?

Overalls are a great option for cold weather wear.

They are practical and versatile. They can help to keep you comfortable in the most hazardous of cold temperatures. So, if you are looking for a good way to stay comfortable in cold weather, consider giving overalls a try.

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