What Is a Monkey Fan? (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

A monkey fan is a useful fan with a funny name.

What is a monkey fan?

A monkey fan is an electric fan that attaches to a freestanding pole, usually by a hook or clip. Monkey fans help circulate air through grow rooms, gardens, or crops. You can also mount a monkey fan to other structures. These fans can tolerate outdoor heat and humidity.

In this article, I’ll answer the most common questions people ask about monkey fans.

Why Are They Called Monkey Fans?

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Monkey fans get their name from the way they attach to poles and other objects. The fan hangs from a hook, just like how a monkey might swing from a tree.

A monkey fan is also called a pole-mounted fan.

The example in the cover image to this guide shows one kind of monkey fan.

Many times, a Monkey Fan is attached by more of an adjustable and movable clip, instead of a more permanent fixture.

Types of Monkey Fans

There are several different types of monkey fans. It’s important to know the types so that you can choose the best mokney fan for your needs.

Monkey fan types:

  • Oscillating monkey fan
  • Clip-on monkey fan
  • Remote control monkey fan
  • Smart monkey fan

What Is an Oscillating Monkey Fan?

An oscillating monkey fan is a monkey fan with a rotating head.

The head of an oscillating monkey fan rotates back and forth throughout the day, which helps circulate lots of air in a grow room or garden.

Monkey fan heads can also tilt so that you can customize the airflow direction to the exact perfect angle.

What Is a Clip-On Monkey Fan?

A clip-on monkey fan is a type of monkey fan that attaches to poles via a clip. Clips allow you to attach a fan directly to poles, trees, or other structures.

Clip-on monkey fans are also usually smaller and less durable.

They may not circulate as much air as other types of monkey fans. However, they’re also lower priced and can still help you move air around your crops or grow rooms.

What Is a Remote Control Monkey Fan?

A remote control monkey fan is a type of monkey fan that you can operate from a distance.

This type of monkey fan is ideal for large gardens or grow rooms where you need to be able to adjust the fan’s settings without having to go over to the fan.

Remote control monkey fans can come with a variety of different features, such as oscillating heads and adjustable speeds.

Some remote-controlled monkey fans also provide timers.

With timers, you can designate start and stop times for your fans, which is very convenient at night or other times that you are away from your crops.

What Is a Smart Monkey Fan?

A smart monkey fan is the most advanced type of monkey fan.

Smart monkey fans can come with built-in sensors that automatically adjust the fan’s settings to match the needs of your garden or grow room.

For example, smart monkey fans might come with light or moisture sensors that adjust the fan’s settings when there is excess light or too much humidity in your garden.

In general, smart monkey fans use less energy than other types of monkey fans because they automatically adjust to changing conditions.

This can save you money on electricity bills.

However, they can also cost you more money up front. The technology, ease of use, and “hands off” controls make them more expensive.

How Do Monkey Fans Work?

Monkey fans work much the same way as other types of fans.

They intake air from behind the fan head and push it out at higher speeds in front of the fan. The higher velocity of air out in front helps pull in more dense cool air from behind the fan.

Monkey fans circulate fresh air throughout a grow room or garden, making the environment more conducive to healthy growth. You can also use monkey fans to manage levels of humidity your grow rooms and gardens, which is a great way to prevent heat waves from damaging crops.

Monkey fans can also help regulate humidity and keep away small flying pests.

Since monkey fans hook to poles, you can adjust their height or move the fans around your grow room as desired.

What Do Monkey Fans Not Do?

Monkey fans do not directly cool crops.

While they may help to circulate air and create a wind chill effect, they do not actually lower the temperate of your grow room or garden.

You should still use an air conditioner or other cooling device in conjunction with monkey fans to keep your crops at a healthy temperature.

Who Are Monkey Fans For?

Monkey fans are great for anyone who wants to keep their garden or grow room cool, prevent the growth of molds, and keep bugs away.

If you have an indoor garden, a monkey fan can help circulate air throughout your home without having to blast the central air conditioning.

This is one of the most affordable ways to distribute fresh air in large homes with multiple rooms for plants.

A remote control monkey fan is also perfect for people with larger gardens or grow rooms.

Finally, monkey fans are also great at dispersing odor so that it doesn’t accumulate in one area.

What Do Monkey Fans Come With?

When you purchase a monkey fan, you usually get the following parts:

  • Fan head (which includes the motor)
  • Replaceable fuse
  • Fan blades
  • Protective fan blade cover
  • Extension cord (to plug in your fan)
  • Pole clip/hook (this is how you mount a monkey fan

Some models also come with remote controls and additional mounting brackets.

Monkey Fan Motor Wattage

You can also get Monkey fans with more or less powerful motors.

Common motor wattage:

  • 16w
  • 20w
  • 30w

You can also get more powerful motors.

Keep in mind that most grow tents do not need strong airflow, just good air circulation.

Can Monkey Fans Get Wet?

Monkey fans can withstand light rain or moisture, but will malfunction in heavy rain or storms.

Although fan companies usually manufacture monkey fans with weather-resistant materials and sealed motors, they are not waterproof.

You can use monkey fans outside when it’s slightly cloudy or when rainfall is light.

However, but be sure to bring the fan inside if there is any chance of lightning or a deluge.

How Long Do Monkey Fans Last?

The better built and more expensive monkey fans can last you for 5 years (or longer if you take care of them).

The cheaper fans might last you between 1-3 years before you need to replace them. You may also need to replace monkey fans more often if they get exposed to heavy rainfall, dust, or other harsh conditions regularly.

Many people don’t realize that the way you mount your monkey fan will also extend or shorten its lifespan.

Here is a good 1-minute video that shows you the best way to mount your monkey fans:

YouTube video by SECRET JARDIN OfficialWhat is a monkey fan?

How Much Do Monkey Fans Cost?

Monkey fans generally cost between $40 and $300.

The higher priced monkey fans are usually better built, last longer, and perform better than less expensive models.

Remote controlled and smart monkey fans are also more expensive.

What Are the Best Monkey Fans?

Here are my recommendations for the best monkey fans for your money:

CategoryBest Monkey Fan
OverallJ and D POW18 18 Inch
Quiet Versa-Kool VK12TF-SPM-W 12 inch
What is a monkey fan? (Best Monkey fans)

Final Thoughts: What Is a Monkey Fan?

Unless you purchase or customize monkey fans to operate together, each monkey fan will run by its own individual electrical cord.

If your grow room is medium-sized or larger, you may want to get more than one monkey fan.

You can purchase monkey fans at Amazon, Walmart, directly from fan manufacturers, or at your local home improvement store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc).

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