Is Dewalt Misting Fan Good? (Tested & Answered)

Let’s cut to the chase and find out if this fan is really worth your hard-earned money.

Is Dewalt Misting Fan Good?

The Dewalt Misting Fan is good for cooling small areas quickly, offering a significant 15°F temperature drop. It has a decent 4-hour battery life on high, high water consumption, and is highly portable and durable, but has moderate noise levels and requires frequent refills.

I’ve put this fan through a series of tests to see how it performs in various conditions. Here, I’ll share my findings, give an honest review, and compare it with other similar fans on the market.

Overview of Tests and Results

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Cooling EfficiencyHigh heat, moderate humidityCooled area by 15°F
Battery LifeContinuous operationLasted 4 hours on high
Water ConsumptionFull tank useEmptied in 1 hour
PortabilityIndoor and outdoor useEasy to move
Noise LevelHigh settingModerate noise
DurabilityRough handlingWithstood well
Is Dewalt Misting Fan Good?

What Is the Dewalt Misting Fan?

The Dewalt Misting Fan is a portable cooling solution designed to provide relief from heat by combining a fan with a misting system.

It’s powered by a rechargeable battery, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The fan draws water from an attached tank, converting it into a fine mist. The fan then blows this mist into the air, which evaporates quickly, providing a cooling effect. This process, known as evaporative cooling, is highly effective in hot, dry conditions.


  • Rechargeable Battery: Provides mobility and convenience.
  • Multiple Speed Settings: Allows you to adjust the airflow.
  • Water Tank: Large capacity for extended misting.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand rough use.

DeWalt Fan in a workshop - Is DeWalt Misting Fan Good
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Test 1: Cooling Efficiency

I set up the fan on a hot day (about 95°F) with moderate humidity. The fan was placed in a shaded area, and I measured the ambient temperature at different distances from the fan over a 30-minute period.


The fan managed to lower the temperature by about 15°F within a 5-foot radius. This cooling effect diminished with distance but was still noticeable up to 10 feet away.

My Opinion

The Dewalt Misting Fan does a great job of cooling a small area quickly. It’s perfect for personal use or for cooling a small group of people.

Additional Insights

The cooling efficiency of a misting fan largely depends on environmental conditions.

In extremely humid areas, the mist might not evaporate as quickly, reducing the cooling effect. However, in dry climates, the cooling effect can be even more pronounced.

The Dewalt Misting Fan is particularly effective in shaded areas where the sun doesn’t directly counteract the cooling process.

For maximum efficiency, using the fan in a shaded, less windy spot helps maintain the cool zone longer.

Test 2: Battery Life

I charged the battery fully and ran the fan on its highest setting until it died. I timed how long the fan operated before the battery was completely drained.


The fan ran continuously for 4 hours on the highest setting. On lower settings, the battery life extended to around 6-7 hours.

My Opinion

The battery life is decent but could be better. For a full day outdoors, you might need a spare battery or access to a power source.

Additional Insights

Battery life can vary depending on usage patterns. Continuous use on high settings will drain the battery faster, while intermittent use or lower settings can significantly extend the operation time.

It’s also worth noting that battery performance can degrade over time, so consider this when evaluating long-term use.

Investing in a second battery might be a wise choice for those who plan to use the fan frequently and for extended periods.

Test 3: Water Consumption

I filled the water tank to its maximum capacity and ran the fan on its highest mist setting. I timed how long it took for the tank to empty.


The tank was emptied in 1 hour on the highest mist setting. On lower settings, the water lasted for about 2 hours.

My Opinion

The water consumption is quite high, especially on the highest setting. This means frequent refills are necessary if you need continuous misting.

Additional Insights

The rate of water consumption is directly tied to the misting intensity.

Higher settings use more water to produce a denser mist, which enhances the cooling effect but also means more frequent refills.

In practical terms, for extended outdoor activities, access to a water source for refills is essential. Consider using a larger water container or connecting the fan to a continuous water supply if you plan to use it for long durations.

Test 4: Portability

I used the fan in various locations, both indoors and outdoors, to see how easy it was to move around and set up.


The fan was very easy to move thanks to its lightweight and compact design. It fit easily in my car and didn’t take much effort to set up.

My Opinion

Portability is one of the fan’s strong suits. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, or working in the yard.

Additional Insights

The portability of the Dewalt Misting Fan makes it versatile for various settings.

Whether you’re at a sporting event, a family picnic, or working in the garden, the fan can be quickly set up and repositioned as needed. Its lightweight design ensures that even when filled with water, it’s still manageable to carry.

Additionally, the fan’s compact size means it can easily fit into most car trunks, making it a convenient travel companion for hot summer days.

Test 5: Noise Level

I measured the noise level of the fan on its highest setting using a decibel meter.


The noise level was moderate, around 65 decibels, which is about as loud as a normal conversation.

My Opinion

The noise level is manageable. It’s not whisper-quiet but not so loud that it becomes a nuisance.

Additional Insights

Noise level is a crucial factor for those looking to use the fan in quiet environments, such as during outdoor dining or while relaxing.

The Dewalt Misting Fan strikes a balance between effective airflow and noise, making it suitable for most outdoor activities without being overly disruptive. If noise sensitivity is a concern, using the fan at a lower speed setting can significantly reduce the noise while still providing adequate cooling.

Test 6: Durability

I subjected the fan to rough handling, including dropping it from a moderate height and exposing it to dusty conditions.


The fan withstood the rough handling with no significant damage. It continued to operate smoothly.

My Opinion

The Dewalt Misting Fan is built to last. It’s durable enough to handle rough use, making it suitable for worksites or outdoor adventures.

Additional Insights

Durability is a significant selling point for the Dewalt Misting Fan.

Its robust construction means it can handle the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to dust, light impacts, and general wear and tear.

This durability makes it a reliable choice for those who need a fan that can withstand tough conditions. The fan’s materials are designed to resist corrosion and wear, ensuring it remains functional and aesthetically pleasing even after extended use.

Dewalt Vs. Other Misting Fans

Now let’s compare the Dewalt Misting Fan to other misting fans to see which one comes out on top.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Misting Fan

  • Cooling Efficiency: Similar to Dewalt
  • Battery Life: Longer (up to 6 hours on high)
  • Water Consumption: Lower
  • Portability: Slightly heavier
  • Noise Level: Quieter
  • Durability: Comparable

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

  • Cooling Efficiency: Higher due to larger misting area
  • Battery Life: Not battery-operated
  • Water Consumption: Higher
  • Portability: Less portable due to size
  • Noise Level: Louder
  • Durability: Good but bulkier

My Verdict

The Dewalt Misting Fan holds its own against competitors. It’s highly portable, effective, and durable.

However, its battery life and water consumption could be improved. When comparing to the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Misting Fan, the Dewalt offers similar cooling efficiency but falls short on battery life and water consumption.

Against the Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan, the Dewalt is more portable but less effective in terms of cooling a larger area.

Here is a quick video review of the Ryobi Misting Fan that might make the comparison a bit more clear:

YouTube Video by LiveFree — Is Dewalt Misting Fan Good?

Additional Comparisons

When looking at price, the Dewalt Misting Fan is competitively priced.

It offers good value for money considering its portability and durability.

However, for those who prioritize battery life and larger cooling areas, other options might be more suitable.

It’s also worth considering the availability of accessories and replacement parts, as some competitors offer more extensive support in this area.

The Dewalt fan’s simplicity and ease of use might appeal to those who prefer straightforward functionality without the need for additional accessories.

Pros and Cons

Like any other fan, the Dewalt Misting Fan comes with it’s own set of pros and cons.

Here are what I consider the most important ones to consider.


  • Highly Portable: Easy to move and set up.
  • Effective Cooling: Significant temperature drop in the immediate area.
  • Durable Build: Can withstand rough handling.
  • Easy to Use: Simple controls and quick setup.Versatile: Suitable for various outdoor settings and activities.


  • High Water Consumption: Requires frequent refills.
  • Moderate Battery Life: Might need a spare battery for extended use.
  • Moderate Noise Level: Not whisper-quiet, but manageable.
  • Limited Cooling Area: Best for small, personal spaces rather than large areas.

Final Thoughts: Is Dewalt Misting Fan Good?

The Dewalt Misting Fan is a solid choice for those needing a portable cooling solution.

It excels in portability and durability, making it ideal for outdoor use. However, be prepared for frequent water refills and consider having a spare battery for extended use. Overall, it’s a reliable option but not without its limitations.

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