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About Me: Background

Hi! I’m Karl Johnson, the guy behind this website. As a trained and certified mechanic, I’ve specialized in small appliances like fans, ice machines, ice cream machines, and more. I’ve worked with fans and other cold gear for over 10 years.

I’ve been living, breathing, and shivering in the cold all of my life. I grew up in the North, where winters last almost half the year. I’m in love with snow skiing, ice fishing, and all things cold weather.

I also enjoy staying cool in the warmer seasons.

So when it came time to create my website, the topics were no-brainers!

You can see some of my hobbies in the picture below:

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I learned from an early age that it’s important to beat the heat. As a child, I’d run through sprinklers on hot summer days and take ice baths after sporting events.

In my teenage years, I got really into snow skiing. I love going fast—so racing was the best experience for me. In my twenties, I went back to my roots—ice fishing!

I live in Chicago now, but when I was younger, we spent every winter weekend ice fishing on Lake Waconia in Minnesota.

Even today, I enjoy staying cool and having a blast no matter the weather.

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