Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good? (10 Factors Tested)

I purchased a Hunter ceiling fan for this test and review. I’ve also owned and repaired a number of Hunter fans over the past 10 years.

Are Hunter ceiling fans good?

Hunter ceiling fans are durable and high-quality, with stylish designs and excellent performance for the price. However, some models may be difficult to install. Hunter’s extensive warranty program and customer service make maintenance and repair easy.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to about the quality, durability, and performance of Hunter ceiling fans.

Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good? (Tested and Reviewed)

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I made this image – Are Hunter ceiling fans good?

As someone who has worked on fans for a decade, I wanted to put Hunter ceiling fans to the ultimate test.

Therefore, I tested all 10 of the most important factors of ceiling fans:

  1. Quality
  2. Ease of set up
  3. Durability
  4. Performance
  5. Noise
  6. Style
  7. Brand
  8. Price
  9. Warranty
  10. Maintenance and repair


The key element of a ceiling fan is its motor, and Hunter’s motors are designed specifically for each fan to provide greater power and durability.

The motors use precision-thrust ball bearings to operate quietly and dependably, with permanent oil bath lubrication for maintenance-free use.

Hunter rigorously inspects and tests each motor in a sound-proof environment to ensure proper RPMs, fan speeds, electrical wattage, and hardware integrity.

In addition, Hunter’s rust-resistant and tarnish-proof finishes maintain their appearance throughout years of use.

They also come with light fixtures finished to match the fan’s appearance for a consistent aesthetic.

Ease of Set Up

Installation of Hunter ceiling fans is a breeze, with no extra wiring needed.

The package includes straightforward, step-by-step instructions. Homeowners can use the “Installer’s Choice” mounting system, which offers three mounting options: standard hanging configuration, flush to the ceiling for extra clearance, or angled on a vaulted ceiling.

The Hunter Original can be mounted at an angle using a vaulted ceiling kit.

To accommodate higher ceilings, extension pipes in different lengths and finishes are available.


Hunter ceiling fans feature high-quality motors that are designed to operate smoothly and reliably for years without requiring any maintenance.

Unlike other fans, Hunter fans come with motor housing made of cast iron, which helps dissipate heat and prevents damage.

Hunter fans are also sealed to prevent warping, and their blades are carefully hand-weighed and balanced to ensure precision performance.

Additionally, the blade irons are made of heavy die-cast metal that is finished to match the motor housing.


Hunter ceiling fans are expertly crafted to provide top-notch performance, boasting powerful motors that optimize blade pitch.

The 52″ five-blade Original model surpasses other residential ceiling fans by moving a remarkable 9500 CFM (cubic feet of air) per minute, while high-performance Hunter fans can move more than 8500 CFM and feature a 15-blade pitch.

In addition, Hunter fans are equipped with switches that have been tested to operate flawlessly for at least 20,000 cycles.

This is a common issue among other fans.

Additionally, Hunter fans offer High Luster blades, which come in a range of polished finishes including black, white, faux granite, and various rich wood grains.


Maybe people ask me if Hunter is a quiet ceiling fan.

Hunter fans are equipped with motors that utilize precision-thrust ball bearings to deliver quiet and reliable performance, with permanent oil bath lubrication that requires no maintenance.

To ensure optimal operation, each motor armature is dynamically balanced within 0.75 inches, which is a meticulous and expensive inspection process.

To guarantee a wobble-free and smooth operation, all motors undergo testing and inspection in a soundproof room.

This process examines the fan speeds, RPMs, and electrical wattage, and verifies that there is no loose or missing hardware.

Hunter fans are known for their quiet operation.

As a result, Hunters are generally quieter and wobble-free, making them perfect for use in bedrooms and living rooms.


Hunter ceiling fans come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary.

They offer many different finishes and designs, so you can find a fan that matches your décor. The brass finish on Hunter fans is specially designed to resist rust and tarnishing, while also retaining its polished look without needing to be polished.

Additionally, the painted finishes on Hunter fans are made to last for years and maintain their good looks.

Hunter light kits also feature finishes that perfectly match the fans, creating a cohesive and stylish look.


Is Hunter a good brand?

Hunter’s commitment to excellence is evident through its rigorous factory testing, resulting in exceptional design and performance.

Their reputation for providing unmatched product support is reflected in one of the industry’s longest warranties, making them a leading choice for both homeowners and contractors.


Hunter ceiling fans are priced competitively with many other ceiling fan brands.

Prices typically range between $90 – $250.

While they may be more expensive than some of the cheapest budget options available, Hunter fans are designed to last for years and offer excellent value for their price.

In addition, the company offers a wide variety of fan sizes, designs, and features, making it easy to find a fan that fits your budget.


Hunter offers some of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the ceiling fan industry.

They stand behind their products and offer a limited lifetime warranty on many of their fans. This warranty covers the motor and other components, ensuring that your fan will provide reliable service for years to come.

In the unlikely event that your Hunter fan requires servicing, you can rest assured knowing that Hunter has an extensive network of factory-trained and factory-authorized service centers located throughout the United States.

With Hunter’s strong warranty program, you can be confident that you are purchasing a high-quality product that will provide years of reliable use.

Are Hunter fans guaranteed for life?

Not 100%. Hunter gives you a limited lifetime warranty.

Maintenance and Repairs

While Hunter fans are designed to be reliable and low-maintenance, they may occasionally require repair or service.

Hunter has streamlined their customer service experience to provide quick and convenient assistance when needed.

The company’s network of authorized service centers throughout the United States ensures that you can find help when you need it. Hunter also provides detailed instructions and support for installation and maintenance, making it easy to keep your fan in top condition.

Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Still Good?

Based on some people saying “Hunter fans used to be so good but now…” along with XYZ complaint, you might be curious if Hunter ceiling fans are still good.

The answer is “yes” they are still good.

They are not the best and they do not come with zero potential issues. As long as you purchase a Hunter fan with reasonable expectations for the price, you should be happy.

How Good Are Hunter Ceiling Fans? (Pros and Cons Chart)

Just because Hunter ceiling fans are good does not mean that they are really good.

There’s an important distinction.

To figure out how good Hunter fans are, I put together this simple pros and cons chart from my tests:

Hunter Fan ProsHunter Fan Cons
High-quality, custom-designed motors for optimal performance and longevitySome fans may be difficult to install, especially for those without electrical wiring experience
Multiple fan sizes available to fit any roomSome models may be more expensive than comparable options from other brands
Installer’s Choice mounting system allows for versatile installationSome reviewers have reported flickering lights or other electrical issues
Durable finishes and real wood bladesLimited lighting options for some models
Impressive air movement and quiet operationCustomer service can sometimes be hit-or-miss in resolving issues
Industry-leading warranties and easy access to service centersReplacement parts can be costly and hard to find outside of official channels
Hunter Fan Pros and Cons Chart – Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good?

Overall, Hunter Ceiling Fans are a solid choice for those looking for high-quality, reliable ceiling fans with impressive performance and longevity.

However, some models may be more difficult to install and expensive, and there have been some reports of electrical issues or inconsistent customer service.

Still, with their industry-leading warranties and commitment to quality, Hunter Ceiling Fans are a great investment for any home or business.

Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Better Than Other Fans?

Hunter ceiling fans are better than cheaper fans but not necessarily better than more expensive or higher-end fans.

Hunter fans are on the lower end price-wise, so fans like Minka Aire, Chriari, Monte Carlo, Big *** Fans, or Quorum International fans will be of higher quality and better performance.

Those fans also cost 2-10 times as much.

However, when compared to other fans in the same price range, Hunter ceiling fans stand out for their quality and durability.

The company’s focus on the quality of its motors, blades, and finishes, as well as its attention to detail during manufacturing, sets them apart from other fans in the same price range.

Overall, while Hunter ceiling fans may not be the absolute best fans on the market, they are certainly better than many cheaper fans and are a great value for homeowners looking for a high-quality, durable, and stylish ceiling fan at an affordable price point.

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans (My Recommendations)

Here are my recommendations for the best Hunter ceiling fans:

Best Hunter Ceiling FansPrice
Sentinel Brushed Nickel Ceiling FanCheck the current price
Haskell Indoor Low Profile Ceiling FanCheck the current price
Key Biscayne Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan w/ LED LightsCheck the current price
Best Hunter Ceiling Fans: Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good?

I’m a fan of Hunter’s simple connect smart ceiling fan line.

Here’s a good video that answers the question, “Are Hunter Smart Ceiling Fans Good”?

YouTube video by The Brad Llyod – Are Hunter Fans Good?

You can also get Hunter fans (including smart fans) at, Home Depot, and Lowes.

Final Thoughts: Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good?

Hunter’s reputation for quality and reliability, along with its industry-leading warranties and customer service, make them a top choice for homeowners and contractors alike.

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