Best Dyson Fan for Cooling [Personally Tested & Solved]

Summer’s heat waves make me hunt for the best cooling solutions.

After extensive research, I landed on Dyson fans for their innovative design and promise of powerful airflow without the blades. But what is the best Dyson fan for cooling?

I took it upon myself to find out.

What Is the Best Dyson Fan for Cooling?

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Dyson Cool AM07 in a warm minimalist living room - Best Dyson Fan for Cooling
I made this image – Best Dyson Fan for Cooling

After testing various models, the Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan emerged as the clear winner. It’s sleek, powerful, and remarkably efficient at circulating air through my living space. Unlike traditional fans, it offers a bladeless design, making it safer around kids and pets and easier to clean.

The Dyson AM07 is engineered for large rooms, and its Air Multiplier technology ensures a steady, uninterrupted stream of cool air.

The fan’s quiet operation, even at higher speeds, is a significant plus, allowing for undisturbed sleep and conversations.

Additionally, its energy efficiency and remote control for easy adjustments add to its appeal, making it my top pick for the best Dyson fan for cooling.

Pros and Cons of the Best Dyson Fan for Cooling

If you’re like me, you probably want to know the pros and cons right up front:


  • Powerful, consistent airflow without the need for blades.
  • Quiet operation, perfect for night-time use.
  • Energy-efficient, reducing utility bills.
  • Sleek, bladeless design that’s safe and easy to clean.
  • Remote control for convenient adjustments.


  • Higher price point compared to traditional fans.
  • Limited cooling effect in very large or open spaces without some form of air conditioning.

Here is a video of someone reviewing the pros and cons of this Dyson fan:

YouTube Video by TEKDAD – Best Dyson Fan for Cooling

How I Tested the Fan (10 Tests & Their Results)

To determine the best Dyson fan for cooling, I devised a series of 10 tests focusing on performance, efficiency, and usability.

Here’s a chart showing how the Dyson AM07 fared.

Dyson Fan Test Chart
Dyson Fan Test Chart

Airflow Test

To evaluate the airflow effectiveness of the Dyson AM07, I used an anemometer to measure air speed at various distances (1, 3, and 5 meters) and settings. The fan exhibited a strong, consistent airflow at close range, which gradually decreased but remained noticeable even at 5 meters.

Compared to other models, the AM07 distributed air more evenly across the room, affirming its superior performance in delivering a cooling effect.

Noise Level

I measured the noise levels of the AM07 using a decibel meter at different settings (low, medium, and high).

At low settings, the fan was barely audible, blending into background noise. Even at high settings, it remained significantly quieter than traditional fans, ensuring it wouldn’t disrupt sleep or work. This quiet operation is a standout feature, making it suitable for environments where noise is a concern.

Energy Consumption

Using an energy monitor, I tracked the power usage of the AM07 over a continuous 24-hour period on different settings.

The fan proved to be energy efficient, consuming less electricity compared to traditional fans, especially on lower settings. This efficiency can lead to savings on electricity bills, particularly when used regularly during hot weather.

Cooling Efficiency

To test cooling efficiency, I used a thermal camera to visualize the effect of the fan on room temperature and a humidity gauge to assess the impact on perceived coolness through evaporation. While the fan didn’t lower the room temperature, it significantly improved air circulation.

This increased airflow made the room feel cooler by enhancing the evaporation of sweat from the skin, which is key in humid conditions.

Oscillation Range

I examined the oscillation feature of the AM07, noting its range and effectiveness in distributing air across the room.

The fan’s oscillation covered a broad angle, ensuring even air distribution and making it effective for cooling larger spaces.

This wide range of motion helps avoid the creation of cold spots or overly concentrated airflow, enhancing the comfort level in a room.

Remote Control Usability

The AM07 comes with a remote control for easy adjustments. I tested the responsiveness of the fan to remote commands from various distances and angles. The fan promptly responded to all commands, including power, oscillation, and speed adjustments, even from across a large room.

This convenience allows for easy changes without needing to interrupt your activities or get up.

Sleep Timer

The sleep timer functionality was tested by setting the fan to turn off at different intervals (1, 2, 4, and 8 hours).

The AM07 accurately shut off at each preset time, demonstrating reliability in its sleep timer function.

This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer to fall asleep with the fan on but don’t want it running all night.

Safety and Cleaning

The bladeless design of the AM07 not only enhances safety, especially around children and pets but also simplifies cleaning.

I tested the ease of cleaning by wiping down the fan with a cloth and vacuuming the air intake areas.

The absence of blades eliminated the tedious task of disassembling and cleaning traditional fan grills, making maintenance a breeze.


Despite its tall stature, the AM07 is surprisingly lightweight and easy to move.

I tested its portability by relocating the fan to different rooms, including upstairs. Its one-piece construction and manageable weight allow for quick and easy movement without the need for disassembly or significant effort.

Customer Support Experience

After encountering a simulated issue with the remote control, I contacted Dyson’s customer support.

The responsiveness, courtesy, and effectiveness of the support team were evaluated. Support was quick to address my concerns, offering troubleshooting tips and a replacement remote when needed.

This positive experience added to the overall satisfaction with the product, underscoring Dyson’s commitment to customer service.

Through these comprehensive tests, the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan demonstrated exceptional performance across various metrics, establishing itself as the best Dyson fan for cooling in my home.

The Best Dyson Fan vs Other Dyson Fans (For Cooling)

Comparing the AM07 with other Dyson fans underscores a crucial point: its exceptional balance of power and efficiency dedicated solely to cooling.

Take, for instance, the Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan TP04, which integrates air purification with cooling.

While this feature is beneficial, especially for those concerned about indoor air quality, it also elevates the price and introduces more complexity into the device’s operation and maintenance.

The AM07, by contrast, zeroes in on cooling with an uncluttered design and functionality that’s both powerful and straightforward.

This singular focus, coupled with its efficiency, sets the AM07 apart, making it my preferred choice when cooling is the primary concern.

Its performance, as evidenced in my hands-on testing, consistently outpaces others in delivering a refreshing breeze, proving that sometimes, simplicity and specialization beat multipurpose complexity.

Other Best Dyson Fans for Cooling

While the AM07 takes the crown in my search for the best cooling experience, Dyson’s lineup doesn’t shy away from versatility, offering solutions for varied needs and preferences.

Best Dyson Fan for Cooling a Large Room

The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 emerges as a formidable option for those with spacious areas to cool.

Its dual functionality, combining air purification and cooling, addresses the challenge of maintaining both comfortable temperatures and clean air in larger spaces.

My experience with the TP04 highlighted its adeptness at circulating purified air across wide areas.

This makes it an indispensable ally against indoor pollutants and the summer heat.

Its purification system, capable of capturing ultrafine particles, including pollen and pollutants, ensures that the cool air it delivers is also clean, a feature particularly appreciated in allergy-prone environments.

Best Dyson Fan for Cooling and Purification

For those seeking a year-round solution, the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP07 is a standout.

Its versatility is unmatched, offering cooling for hot days, heating for cold nights, and air purification throughout the year.

This model is particularly suited for environments with fluctuating climates, where the need for both warming and cooling can arise within the same day.

The HP04’s ability to seamlessly transition between heating and cooling, all while purifying the air, has made it a favorite in my household

It’s especially beneficial for those looking to invest in a single appliance that addresses multiple climate control needs effectively and efficiently.

Best Dyson Fan for Personal Cooling

When it comes to personal cooling, the Dyson Cool DP04 Desk Fan steals the spotlight.

Its compact design is deceiving; the fan packs a powerful punch, delivering a focused stream of air that’s perfect for individual use.

Whether stationed on a work desk or a bedside table, the DP04 provides immediate relief from the heat without overwhelming the space with excessive airflow or noise.

Its discreet operation and small footprint make it an excellent companion for personal comfort, ensuring cool, comfortable conditions in close quarters.

Do Dyson Fans Actually Cool You?

It’s crucial to understand that Dyson fans do not lower the room’s temperature; instead, they circulate air to create a cooling effect.

By increasing air movement around you, Dyson fans enhance the natural process of heat evaporation from your skin, making you feel cooler.

They are highly effective in rooms with some airflow but don’t replace air conditioners in terms of reducing ambient temperature.

However, for those looking for a safer, more energy-efficient way to feel cooler without the cost and hassle of an AC unit, a Dyson fan like the AM07 is an excellent choice.

Where To Buy Dyson Fans

You can purchase Dyson fans direct from Dyson or from many online and in-person (brick-and-mortar) local businesses near you.

Here is where to look:

Final Thoughts: Best Dyson Fan for Cooling

Dyson’s range of fans, with their innovative designs and varied functionalities, cater to a wide array of cooling needs.

From personal use to whole-room circulation, air purification, and even year-round climate control, there’s a Dyson fan tailored for every scenario.

My hands-on experience with these models has not only confirmed their efficacy and efficiency but also highlighted the thoughtful engineering that goes into making cooling both effective and enjoyable.

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