Best Neck Fan for Disney (Tested & Solved)

A few of my friends and family members took a trip to Disney in the middle of July. While we were there, we tested several different neck fans.

What’s the best neck fan for Disney?

The best neck fan for Disney is the FrSara Neck Fan. It is a portable, hands-free, USB rechargeable neck fan with a sleek, lightweight design. The fan will keep you cool all day at the park without hurting your neck or catching your hair.

There are a few more things you should know about wearing neck fans at Disney.

6 Reasons This Is the Best Neck Fan for Disney

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Disney Castle—Best Neck Fan for Disney
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During our three-day trip to Disney, my group put our neck fans to the test. We spent hours in the hot sun, riding all kinds of rides, looping through the entire park several times.

We discovered six good reasons the FrSara Neck Fan is hands-down the best fan for Disney.

1) The Long-Lasting Charge Won’t Let You Down

My wife and I wore the FrSara Neck fans for 6-7 hours every day at the park.

In the instructions that come with the fan, the company says the fan should last you between 2-4 hours.

We only had to charge our neck fans once per day at Disney, so we made sure that we schedule a “charge break” about 3 hours into our plan.

When you’re trotting around a crowded Disney park, standing in long lines, you don’t want your neck fan to go out.

A few of the people with us encountered this trouble on the first day with their fans.

One of them ended up borrowing my fan on the last day of our trip.

2) The Ultra-Light Fan Will Not Hurt Your Neck

Another reason I say this is the best fan for your trip to Disney is that it is comfortable.

You’ll be wearing the neck fan for half a day (or longer).

Any fan that hurt your neck would not work at all. This fan is very lightweight, so I didn’t experience any soreness any of the three days at Disney.

The fan is also pretty flexible, so it can work for many different neck sizes.

3) The Fan Design Won’t Catch Your Hair

One of the best things about this fan for Disney is that it doesn’t snag your hair.

My wife has long, thinner hair that can sometimes be difficult for her to manage.

One of her friends that joined us on the trip had long curly hair. Her fan snagged her hair a few times, so she eventually put her hair up in a ballcap.

However, my wife wore the FrSara fan without any trouble.

4) The Fan Blows Cool Air 

The real test for the best neck fan to bring to Disney is whether or not it actually keeps you cool.

The FrSara fan did not disappoint.

The neck fan comes with three-speed settings that you can adjust to keep you comfortable.

In fact, in this video, Nina (the YouTuber) compared three different neck fans for coolness (guess which fan won?):

YouTube Video by Mermaid Nina—Best fan for Disney

If you watched the part of the video I shared, then you know that she and her family chose FrSara because it blew the strongest and coldest air in all three settings.

5) The Fan Looks Amazing

Not everyone wants to carry around a huge, garish plastic fan with them when they’re on vacation.

This neck fan doesn’t look bad at all.

To me, it actually looks almost identical to a pair of headphones (especially if you are more than a few feet away).

There are all kinds of different styles and colors, so go wild.

One of my favorite features of the FrSara fan is that it offers many unique styles that you don’t get with other fan brands.

6) The Fan Is Quiet

An underappreciated feature of this neck fan is how quiet it is—even on the highest level.

I kept cool while being able to easily hold conversations with people around me.

The sound of the fan also didn’t drown out any of the Disney music or any of the commentary on the rides.

That brings up a good question.

Can You Wear Neck Fans on the Rides at Disney?

Yes, you can wear neck fans on many of the rides at Disney.

Any ride that is slower moving, that doesn’t involve water, or that doesn’t go upside down (like a roller coaster) should be fine.

However, I don’t recommend wearing a neck fan for:

  • Splash Mountain
  • Space Mountain
  • Expedition Everest
  • Rock N Roller Coaster
  • Lightcycle Power Run
  • Tower of Terror

And any other ride where water or extreme heat could be an issue for your fan.

Your best bet is to keep your neck fan stored away (in a purse, backpack, locker, or with another person) during any ride with a high chance of damaging it.

Where Can You Charge Your Neck Fan at Disney?

Since the FrSara Neck fan is USB charged, you can recharge your fan at any of the free cellphone charging stations.

Three popular charging spots:

  • In Fantasyland: Charge your fan in the tree stumps across from Rapunzel’s bathroom.
  • In Tomorrowland: Charge your fan in the Space Mountain gift shop.
  • In Tomorrowland: Charge your fan in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café.

You’ll need to stay with your fan while it recharges in Fantasyland.

However, for the other two charging stations, you can get a locker so that you can do something else (like eat) while your fan charges.

My personal favorite spot is the tree stumps in Fantasyland. I think the whole idea and design is super fun for the whole family.

Another tip is to bring an external power bank (or two).

That way, you don’t have to wait in line in case any of the charging stations get busy.

The Best Neck Fan for Disney in the Rain

When I took my neck fan to the park, I was always a little worried that it would stop working in the rain.

But, when we had a short downpour in front of Splash Mountain during our trip, there were no problems.

Keep in mind that the fan is not waterproof.

However, a short or small drizzle probably won’t affect how well it works.

Therefore, the best neck fan for Disney in the rain is still the FrSara fan.

The Best Neck Fan for Disney in the Summer

The best neck fan for Disney in the Summer is, once again, the FrSara Neck Fan.

It’s designed to keep the heat off your neck and keep you cool all day at the park.

While it’s not the coolest neck fan out there (that award goes to Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner), it does the job with a long charge and a comfortable design.

Plus, the FrSara is much less expensive.

If the price isn’t a factor and you want the coldest neck fan, go with Torras. You won’t be disappointed.

However, if you want a solid neck fan that covers all of the bases at a budget-friendly price, FrSara is hard to beat.

Best Neck Fan for Disney With Misting

The FrSara neck fan does not come with misting. You won’t really need it, as the fan will keep you cool enough all day.

However, if you are dead set on a misting fan, there are some available.

I’ve never found a neck fan with misting that I liked, though.

Instead, I suggest that you go with a HandFan Portable Misting Fan. You can get one for under $20 with multiple speeds that can last you up to 40 minutes (or longer).

What Is the Best Neck Fan for Universal?

The best neck fan for Universal Studios is also the FrSara Neck Fan.

Although theme parks are all different, the fan still proved its worth.

I wore my neck fan to both theme parks. I used it at Disney during a blazing hot day, and then I wore it at Universal Studios during the somewhat cooler (but still hot) afternoon.

Both times, my FrSara fan worked brilliantly.

What Is the Best Neck Fan for SeaWorld?

The best neck fan for SeaWorld is the FrSara Neck Fan—for all the same reasons I loved it for Disney.

I would just make sure to pack it away or cover it up if there is any threat of water.

For example, if you sit up front in one of the many shows or experiences:

  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Front row at Shamu show
  • Infinity Falls river ride

While the fan can withstand sweat and light rain, it is not waterproof.

Best Neck Fans for Other Occasions (Table)

Here is a small table of neck fans that I recommend for different occasions:

Fan PurposeBest Fan
Best neck fan for DisneyFrSara
Best neck fan for long hairFrSara
Best neck fan for working outVeamor
Best neck fan for hot flashesTorras Coolify
Best neck for runnersVeamor
Best Neck Fan

Final Thoughts

The best fan for Disney is quiet, powerful, lightweight, and blows comfortably cold air for hours.

After my experience, I only recommend the FrSara neck fan for theme parks.

Other fans work, too, but taking all the important factors into consideration, I suggest you try this fan for your next fun Disney trip.

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