Best Neck Fan for Runners (Tested & Solved)

If you run for fun, exercise, or competitions, you want to stay cool and comfortable.

What is the best neck fan for runners?

The best neck fan for runners is the Veamor Portable Neck Fan. It is sweatproof, comfortable, and ultra-flexible to fit any size neck. The battery will last long enough for most runs. The adjustable design ensures that the fan will not fall off while you run.

I’ve tested this neck fan on a number of different runs—including long-distance, short, fast, trail, and obstacle races.

Why Is Veamor the Best Neck Fan for Runners? (5 Good Reasons)

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There are five good reasons that Veamor is the best neck fan for any type of running or exercising.

While there are many good neck fans on the market, most of them will not work for runners. That’s why I tested several neck fans on different runs.

Veamor came out on top of all my tests.

Here are the five main reasons why.

Easy to Carry

The best neck fan for runners is one that is lightweight and portable to make it easy to carry for long periods of time.

All neck fans are portable because you wear them around your neck.

However, the Veamor is one of the most comfortable neck fans because of its silicone coating.

It’s also a very lightweight fan so it won’t drag you down on your runs.

Once I was pretty sure it was the best neck fan for running, I tested it on a local 5k Color Run and 10K Pumpkin Run.

I ended both races feeling cool and without any neck pain.

Sweat Proof

When you run, you need a neck fan that is sweatproof to keep you dry instead of wet.

While all neck fans will be a little wet from sweat, the Veamor is the only one that I tested that I never worried about malfunctioning.

Other neck fans didn’t work as well in very sweaty conditions.

The best neck fan for running should be able to take a beating. That’s why I ran in all different types of weather—including scorching hot and a light drizzle.

No fan is 100% waterproof, but the Veamor proved the most reliable.


The most noticeable difference with this fan is the flexible design.

Most fans can not be adjusted very much.

However, the Veamor is built for twisting, curving, and adjusting to perfectly fit any size neck. I found that I really liked the ability to change the grip and angle of the fan.

Won’t Fall Off

Unless you are performing cartwheels or diving into the water during your runs, the Veamor won’t fall off your body.

That’s a huge plus for runners.

Many other fans shake or move around while you run. This can feel uncomfortable after a while (especially on long runs).

During a 5K through a zoo, another type of fan kept jostling around on my neck.

I spent several miles constantly worried that it was going to fall off. That’s not a fun way to run.

Because of the tight flexible grip, I never once worried about the Veamor.

Works for Runs of All Types

As I tested different neck fans, I quickly realized that most fans did not work for most runners.

If you’re going to invest in a neck fan, you want one that is versatile.

Veamor is the only fan I tested that worked well on different kinds of runs—short, long, slow, fast.

For that matter, the Veamor Neck Fan also tested the best for other workouts:

  • Going to the gym
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Cross fit
  • Aerobics

What Is the Best Neck Fan for Short Runs?

The best neck fan for short runs is the Veamor Neck Fan.

If you do short runs in hot weather, this is your best friend. It is sweatproof, ultra-light, and the battery lasts up to 8 hours.

That’s more than enough time for any short runs:

  • 30-minute cardio
  • 1-3 mile run
  • 5K races

It also provides awesome cooling power without overheating you.

What Is the Best Neck Fan for Long-Distance Runners?

Short runs are one thing, but what about runners who like to go longer distances.

You know, the runners who run 10ks, half-marathons, marathons, and ultra-marathons.

What’s the best neck fan for long-distance runners?

The best neck fan for long-distance runners is the Veamor Neck Fan. Not only is it lightweight, but the silicone tube is flexible enough to fit snugly around your neck for hours at a time.

Depending on how long you run, you may need a spare neck fan once your first one runs out of charge.

Yes, the Veamor can last up to 8 hours, but usually not on full blast.

When I ran a half-marathon earlier this year, I asked one of my friends to switch out my neck fan halfway through the race.

What Is the Best Neck Fan for Fast Runners?

If you run very fast or sprint, you need a neck fan that is not going to move around on your neck or fall off.

Once again, the Veamor takes first place among the fans I tested.

Now, you may not want to wear a neck fan in some situations (like a competitive race where it may be against the rules).

However, if you do wear a neck fan, go with the Veamor.

It is the only fan I tested that did not move around very much or fall off when I sprinted.

What Is the Best Neck Fan For Runners With Neck Pain?

If you experience neck pain, your priority for neck fans is comfort.

Veamor tested very comfortably to me for long runs, but I never had neck pain in my life that lasted more than an hour.

After my tests and talking with many other runners, I still think the Veamor is your best bet.

However, the most comfortable neck fan I’ve ever used is the Sweetful Portable Neck Fan. It comes with a thicker, padded neckband.

I’d only choose it if you walk, jog, or run slowly.

Otherwise, use the Veamor. I think you’ll like it better overall and it will still not aggravate your neck.

What Is the Best Neck Fan For Hot Races?

I ran a few hot races during my tests.

For overall running, the Veamor can’t be beat, even in the heat. It kept me cool in humid 90-degree weather.

Because it’s sweatproof, it kept working through 10 miles of my drenching perspiration.

Something I didn’t think about before the run is how hot a neck fan would get.

One of the cheaper fans I tested became so hot during one of my races that I had to take it off.

The Veamor never bothered me.

The silicone material kept the neck fan cool for my entire race.

Best Neck Fan for Trail Running

Trail runs are a lot of fun. You get to run through wooded areas on dirt paths carved into the terrain.

What’s the best neck fan for trail running?

In my tests, the Veamor worked best for trail runs. It stayed in place as I winded up and down hills, hopped around tree roots, and dashed through shallow streams.

Other neck fans slipped around on my neck.

No runner wants that kind of distraction during a run. You want to trust your tools just as you trust your body.

What Is the Best Neck Fan for Obstacle-Course Runners?

If you run obstacle-course races such as Spartan or Tough Mudder, you may not want to use a neck fan.

You’ll be climbing, crawling, swimming, and leaping over obstacles.

The only fan I would recommend for obstacle course runners is the Veamor. It’s durable enough to survive the abuse.

You can adjust it to fit tightly around your neck as you navigate the course.

Just remember to remove the fan if you take a swim.

It’s sweatproof but not waterproof (no neck fan is waterproof).

What’s the Best Neck Fans for Young Runners?

If you are young or running with your kids or teens, a neck fan that fits is going to be high on your wishlist.

Since I occasionally run with younger runners, I asked them to wear a few different neck fans. The test results came out as you might expect.

Unanimously, the young kids (ages 8-12) and the teenagers (ages 14-17) preferred the Veamor.

The main reason is that it adjusts to fit almost any size neck.

Other fans were either too big, too uncomfortable, or too cumbersome.

Do You Need a Neck Fan for Running?

You don’t 100% need a neck fan for running, even in the heat.

However, you do want to adjust your running patterns in different temperatures. Running in hot weather can slow down your usual pace, sap your energy, and take a toll on your motivation.

Therefore, I think it makes sense to use some type of cooling gear.

You have a lot of options:

  • Cooling towels
  • Water
  • Neck fans
  • Temperature-regulating clothing
  • And more

The first part of this video talks in detail about why neck fans (or other cooling gear) are crucial on hot runs:

YouTube video by Vox2Productions—Best neck fan for runners

Best Neck Fans For All Purposes

After lots of testing, here are my personal recommendations for the best neck fans for different purposes:

Fan PurposeBest Fan
Best neck fan for DisneyFrSara
Best neck fan for long hairFrSara
Best neck fan for working outVeamor
Best neck fan for hot flashesTorras Coolify
Best neck for runnersVeamor
Best Neck Fan

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Veamor tested high and above any other neck fan for running.

It’s now the only neck fan I suggest to my running friends.

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