Best Neck Fan for Long Hair (Tested & Solved)

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One of the major fears of buying a neck fan is that it will grab, pull, or catch your hair.

What is the best neck fan for long hair?

The best neck fan for long hair is the FrSara neck fan. It provides the coldest air among standard-priced neck fans. The FrSara neck fan is lightweight, sweatproof, stylish, and will not pinch or twist your hair.

Keep reading to find out why this fan is the best for long hair of all types and in all conditions.

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Why Is FrSara the Best Neck Fan for Long Hair? (3 Good Reasons)

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I tested several neck fans and FrSara came out on top as the best overall neck fan for women or men with long hair.

There are three good reasons FrSara is the best neck fan for long hair.

  1. The FrSara Neck Protects Your Hair
  2. The FrSara Neck Fan Is the Coldest Fan Under $100
  3. The FrSara Neck Fan Is Stylish

The FrSara Neck Fan Protects Your Hair

The FrSara neck fan is the best for long hair because it has a unique design that keeps your hair from being caught in the fan.

The blades are located on the inside of the fan, instead of externally where they could catch your hair.

Also, the fan is designed with 32 tiny triangle-shaped air openings.

This prevents your hair from being pulled or caught in the fan.

FrSara Neck Fan Is the Coldest Fan Under $100

Another reason the FrSara neck fan tested as the best fan for longer hair is that it is the coldest fan under $100.

The men and women with long hair who tested the fan for me said it was colder than the other neck fans.

I can attest to this myself, as I used this fan during one of my trips to Disney World.

The fan provides 360-degree cooling with three power settings: weak wind, natural wind, and strong wind.

Most neck fans cost under $50, but none blow as much cool air as FrSara.

And, as my friends and family told me, the temperature of the airflow is one of the most important features of a neck fan for long hair.

The coldest neck fan is Coolify (a neck fan I love). However, it costs two or three times as much as standard neck fans.

That’s why I recommend FrSara to most people.

Both fans are great, but the FrSara is significantly less expensive and works really well.

FrSara Neck Fan Is Stylish

You do not have to sacrifice style for performance when you buy the FrSara.

It comes in a variety of styles and colors for every taste.

For example:

  • White
  • Black
  • Inkjet (multi-colored)
  • Dark green
  • Seafoam green (light green)
  • Light pink
  • Red
  • Zebra
  • Mosiac

Best Neck Fan for Long Hair and Bangs

The FrSara is the best neck fan for people with long hair and bangs.

My sister has long bangs that are thick, so they get frizzy in humid weather. As she tells me, the FrSara is one of the few neck fans for women with bangs that truly works.

Best Neck Fan for Long Thick Hair

The best neck fan for long thick hair is also the FrSara fan.

The thicker your hair is, the hotter it will become in the sun or while you are working out.

A neck fan can help to cool your hair and keep it from becoming sweaty or matted.

The FrSara is lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go. It also blows the coldest air of any fan in the same price category, making it the perfect choice for people with long, thick hair.

Best Neck Fan for Long Hair in the Summer

Long hair in the sweltering heat of summer can be unbearable.

The FrSara neck fan is the best choice for cooling your long hair in summer.

It is lighter than other fans (6.7 oz), sweatproof, and made of medical-grade silicone so that it will not slip or slide around your neck.

Like we’ve mentioned, it also provides the coldest air for your money. According to the manufacturer (and my personal experience), the fan cools you down in a matter of seconds.

The average time it took for the fan to cool down the men and women who tested the fan for me came out to around 5 seconds.

On the highest setting (strong wind), it’s closer to 3.5 seconds.

Best Neck Fan for Long Curly Hair

If you have long, curly hair, the FrSara is also the best neck fan for you.

The fan has a unique design that prevents your hair from being caught in the blades, and it provides a “surround-sound” of airflow to your neck and face.

Best Neck Fan for Long Hair Extensions and Weaves

The fan is also great for women with long hair extensions or weaves.

Whether you straighten your hair, wear weaves, add extensions, or keep it natural, the fan provides powerful 360-degree cooling without damaging your hair.

The women with long hair extensions who tested the fan for me said that it worked like a charm.

Best Neck Fan for Long Hair (Children)

The FrSara also works wonders for children with long hair.

Kids love to go out in the hot sun, but it can be dangerous if they get too hot.

A neck fan will cool them down and keep their long locks safe and protected. Plus, the fan is flexible and adjustable to fit almost any neck size.

This is perfect for young boys and girls, who typically have thinner necks.

The fan is also light enough not to be a burden to young shoulders and backs. You don’t have to worry about the fan being too heavy for a child to carry around for several hours.

Best Neck Fan for Men With Long Hair

The men who tested several neck fans for me chose the FrSara as their favorite.

Mostly because it kept them cooler than other neck fans.

However, they also liked that the fan charged pretty fast (0.5-3 hours) and lasted all through their day (up to 8 hours on the lowest speed setting).

Best Neck Fan With Your Long Hair Down

Most people put their hair up when they’re hot, so this is usually not an issue. However, what if you want to leave your long locks down around your neck and shoulders?

The FrSara neck fan is still the best fan for keeping you cool and not latching onto your hair.

However, it’s still possible for your hair to get stuck in any neck fan.

The fact that the fan blows really cool air is even more important when you leave your hair down.

Best Neck Fan for Working Out With Long Hair

If you’re working out with long hair, the FrSara will prevent you from overheating.

Since the fan is light and comfortable, it will not add much extra weight to your workouts. Therefore, for low-intensity exercise, I do recommend the FrSara.

However, for more intense exercise with long hair, you might want to try the Veamor neck fan.

It’s very flexible and adjustable, so it’s less likely to fall off when running or performing other more aggressive workouts.

Best Neck Fan for Long Hair (Where to Buy)

If you are looking for the best neck fan for your long hair, you should definitely try out the FrSara model.

You can get a FrSara fan at:

What Is the Worst Neck Fan For Long Hair?

The worst neck fans for long hair are the fans with external blades. Your hair will get all caught up in the blades.

It’ll be a nightmare.

Those fans aren’t terrible, but they are not the best for men or women with long hair.

As for the worst bladeless neck fan for long hair, I’d have to go with Diestsr.

The two long, open slits along both sides of the neck fan pulled the most hair in my tests (for those who left their hair down).

If you keep your hair up, you likely won’t experience any trouble with any fan.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the FrSara neck fan is the best fan for keeping cool during hot days or workouts with long hair.

It’s fast, efficient, and adjustable, so it’s a great choice for people of all ages and genders.

Plus, the FrSara is very affordable, making it a clear best choice.

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