Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes (Tested & Solved)

If you’re suffering from hot flashes or night sweats, a neck fan can send a targeted blast of cold air just when you need it.

What is the best neck fan for hot flashes?

The best neck fan for hot flashes is the Torras Coolify neck fan. It comes with three cooling settings and a patented cooling plate that can instantly lower your body temperature by 12 degrees. The fan is lightweight, sleekly designed, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours.

I’ve tested the Coolify fan for hot flashes in many conditions, including during menopause, pregnancy, and in the dead heat of summer.

Why Is Coolify the Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes? (3 Good Reasons)

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If you are looking for a quality neck fan to help cool you down during hot flashes, the Torras Coolify fan is the perfect solution.

Here are three good reasons why:

  1. Coolify is the coldest neck fan on the market
  2. Coolify comes with three powerful cooling settings
  3. The cooling plate instantly cools you down

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Coolify Is the Coldest Neck Fan on the Market

When I tested neck fans for hot flashes, everyone said that Coolify blew the coldest air (it certainly blew the coldest air for me).

Other neck fans simply couldn’t compete for sheer temperature control.

From the 36 air outlets to the added cooling plate that rests against the back of your neck, the entire purpose of this fan is focused on keeping you as cool as possible.

While all neck fans share this purpose, Coolify went all-in on this one feature.

The bottom line is simply that no other neck fan is going to keep you as cool during your hot flashes.

It Comes With Three Cooling Settings

The fan has three cooling settings to choose from, so you can find the perfect level of cooling for your needs.

The three settings include:

  • Light breeze
  • Mild wind
  • Cool wind

The settings allow you to customize how much cold air blasts out of the fan.

If you’re looking for something that’s going to provide a strong breeze, you can use the medium or high setting.

No matter how intense your hot flashes, Coolify has a setting for you.

The Cooling Plate Instantly Cools You Down

When you’re dealing with hot flashes, all you really care about is cooling down.

Other fans can only get you so cold with their fans.

That’s where Coolify’s cooling plate comes to the rescue. I was surprised at how much and how fast the combined fan and plates dropped my temperature.

The Coolify website claims that the fan can lower your temperature by 12 degrees in one second.

All of the men and women in my test reported that they experienced a significant chilling effect.

Check out this video for a live demonstration of the fan:

YouTube video by Josh Quinonez

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How Does the Coolify Neck Fan Help With Hot Flashes?

The Coolify Neck fan helps with hot flashes by sending a cold blast of air to the back of your neck, face, and upper body.

These are the areas in your body that suddenly feel very warm during a hot flash.

By targeting these very specific areas, the fan helps to quickly cool you down and stop the hot flashes in their tracks.

Other fans typically send air only up or only down.

Coolify blasts you with refreshingly cold air from three directions (up, down, and back of the neck), a feature they call “3D” air.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes During Menopause

Several of the women who tested neck fans for me were going through menopause.

They told me point blank that Coolify is the best neck fan for menopause because, and I quote, “It’s the only neck fan that worked for my hot flashes.”

There are a lot of gimmicks when it comes to menopause products, but Coolify is a product that actually works.

During menopause, hormone levels in your body change, affecting your body temperature. Blood vessels on the surface of your skin widen, which causes you to sweat.

The Coolify neck fan sends cold air over your skin’s surface, helping you to regulate your temperature.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes in Early Pregnancy

Some women experience hot flashes during pregnancy.

The Coolify neck fan is a great choice for pregnant women because the fan’s cooling plate is safe and gentle on your skin.

The cooling plate is also curved, which allows it to fit comfortably against your neck (comfort being super important during pregnancy).

Two pregnant women who tested the fan for me raved about how well it worked for them.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes in the Summer

Hot flashes are bad enough in cold weather, but when they happen in the summer they can be downright brutal.

When I tested my neck fans, it happened to be July.

Know what I discovered? The Coolify fan will cool you down better than any other neck fan for hot flashes in the summer.

The three cooling settings provide just enough relief for you to get through even the hottest day.

Best Neck Fan for Long Hot Flashes

Most hot flashes only last for a few minutes, but some may last longer.

That’s no problem for Coolify since the battery can last up to 8 full hours. Even on the highest setting, the fan will cool you down for hours.

Even better, the cooling pad blasts you with chilly air for up to 30 minutes.

And that’s long enough to get you through even the longest hot flash.

Best Neck Fan for Intense Hot Flashes

What about severe hot flashes?

Most hot flashes will raise your temperature between 5 to 7 degrees. The most intense could go a bit higher.

Severe hot flashes also occur more frequently, sometimes up to 30 times in a single day.

For intense hot flashes (or any hot flashes), it’s important to check with your doctor for the best treatment. However, cooling neck fans can serve as part of an overall care plan.

Coolify is the best neck fan for intense hot flashes.

This neck fan matches the intensity of the hot flash with an equally intense cooling effect.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes in Men

Men can get hot flashes, too. Men usually get hot flashes during times of high stress.

Whatever reason for the hot flashes, Coolify is still the best neck fan.

The fan is not gender-specific, so it works just as well for any person of any gender. You can also use it for general cooling, not just for hot flashes.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes (Comparison)

Compared to other neck fans, Coolify rates the best for hot flashes.

Other neck fans come out on top for other features:

Coolify is comfortable, but it’s not the most comfortable neck fan (That’s the Sweetful Portable Neck Fan).

It’s also not the least expensive neck fan or the best for extreme sports. If you’re walking or doing light exercise, it works just fine. But it excels at one thing above all others: keeping you cool.

And that’s the most important factor for hot flashes.

Try the Torras Coolify fan.

Best Neck Fan for Hot Flashes Under $100

It’s no secret that the Coolify neck fan is one of the most expensive fans—that’s why it’s able to cool you better than any other fan.

If you’re looking for the second-best alternative under $100, I suggest the FrSara neck fan.

While the FrSara fan is not nearly as cool, it is cooler than other fans in the same price range.

So, if you’re looking for the best neck fan for your hot flashes, choose Coolify. If price is the most important factor, try FrSara.

Just keep in mind that you typically get what you pay for with neck fans.

If you were simply looking for a neck fan to cool you off at work or during a random hot day, lots of neck fans can do the job.

When we’re talking about something as intense and annoying as hot flashes, I strongly suggest that you go with the best (even if it costs you extra).

What’s the Best Neck Fan for Night Sweats?

When you have hot flashes at night they are called night sweats.

The Coolify neck fan was designed to help with all kinds of heat-related issues.

For night sweats, I’d use the highest setting along with the cooling pad. You’ll likely feel better in just a few minutes.

Just remember to remove the neck fan before you fall back to sleep.

It probably won’t hurt you, but it’s always better to be safe.

Final Thoughts

You can also use other cooling products for hot flashes, such as cooling towels, ice packs, tower fans, pedestal fans, and bed fans.

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