Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket? (Answered)

If you get super hot and sweaty at night, you might want a fan blowing directly on you while you sleep.

Can you put a fan under a blanket?

You can put a fan under a blanket. A bed fan is a custom fan designed to safely circulate cool air under sheets, blankets, and comforters. You do not want to use other fans under your blanket because the fan could accidentally fall or injure you.

The rest of this article goes over good reasons to put a fan under a blanket, what fans go under blankets, and the best bed fan for sleeping.

5 Good Reasons You Can Put a Fan Under a Blanket

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Bed in bedroom—Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket
Image by author via Canva—Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket?

There are good reasons to put a fan under your blanket.

The reasons range from temperature control to sleep hygiene. The right kind of fan can even help you sleep better.

Here are five good reasons to consider putting a fan under your sheets and blankets:

1) Great Way To Cool Yourself Down

Setting up a fan to blow air directly on your body is a great way to prevent yourself from overheating.

Some people get very hot at night, such as night sweats during menopause.

It’s better than a fan in the corner of the room that doesn’t reach you through covers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should blast the fan at its max speed all night.

With this method of cooling yourself down, you want to start strong but then taper off until your temperature is where you want it to be.

2) Companies Make Special Fans For Under Blankets

Companies make custom-made fans designed specifically for circulating air under blankets. These fans are called bed fans.

What is a bed fan?

Bed fans are compact, yet powerful fans that look more like small robots than traditional fans.

They are designed to run all night long while also being nearly inaudible.

Bed fans consist of:

  • A flat base for stability
  • A flexible shape for maximum adaptability
  • Internal blades
  • Some include a tube
  • Low profile to safely blow air under the covers
  • Attachment feature to keep the fan “stuck” to the bed

You might hear a bed fan called a “sheet fan” or an “under a duvet fan.”

Check out this one-minute video that demonstrates one innovative version of a bed fan:

YouTube video by Tech Insider—Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket?

3) Encourage Connection

It’s difficult to cuddle with your partner when both of you feel like hot lava.

Insert some cool air to lower the temperature and suddenly there is no reason not to snuggle up to your favorite person.

By using a bed fan, you encourage connection and intimacy.

4) Help Your Sleep Hygiene

When you sweat all night, you naturally create an unpleasant odor.

Your sleep hygiene is a major factor for your comfort and health, making it a good reason to get a bed fan.

A fan under the covers provides you with a a good night’s sleep. Many people sleep better and deeper in a cooler (but not cold) temperature.

Therefore, you wake up feeling more rested, which boosts mood, critical thinking, energy, and productivity.

5) Keep Your Home Cooler For Less

An air conditioner can be incredibly expensive to operate all day and all night long.

A bed fan costs very little to run, but still provides great cooling power.

Saving money over time is a huge advantage of bed fans. With the growing cost of powering and cooling your house, this is a good reason to consider investing in a bed fan.

Is It Safe to Put a Blanket on a Fan?

You might be wondering if it’s safe to put a blanket on a fan. For that matter, what about on a duvet or sheets?

Yes, it’s safe to put a blanket on a fan—if you’re using a bed fan.

Bed fans are made for use on beds and under covers. Their shape and design ensures that you won’t start a fire, chop up your blanket, or lose a stray toe.

You can consider a bed fan a bladeless fan because there are no external blades.

Some people ask, “Is it ok to put a fan on the bed?”

You don’t want to put any other kind of fan under your sheets, blankets, or duvet. Fans such as floor fans, tower fans, desk fans, pedestal fans, or any other “standard fan” can pose a risk to you if you place them on your bed or under your covers.

What Fans Can You Put Under a Blanket?

The next logical question is, “What fans can you put under a blanket?”

The only fan I recommend that you put under a blanket is a bed fan.

Any other fan is going to be unstable and might topple over onto the bed or you. Fans can accidentally pull your covers or sheets into the blades, damaging your property or causing a fire.

What about bladeless fans?

A bladeless fan is safer under the covers than a fan without external blades. However, most bladeless fans are not made for use under blankets.

This means there is still a risk of overheating, igniting, and (rarely) exploding.

Therefore, stick with a bed fan.

Best Bed Fan For Sleeping

There are a number of good bed fans on the market.

While they are not cheap, they do save money on air conditioning, help you sleep better, and stop you from waking up in a puddle of sweat.

Personally, I’ve used a bed fan for the last five years and can’t imagine sleeping without it.

When my wife and I travel, we sometimes bring it with us.

Our favorite bed fan is the BedJet. It’s one of the less expensive options, runs great, and works as advertised.

Here are some other bed fan alternatives:

Bed FansPurpose
BedJetBest overall
bFanBest with a remote control
Night Bliss Cool FlashBest for menopause or hot flashes
ChiliPad CubeBest water-based system
Best bed fans

Can You Make a DIY Bed Fan?

If you don’t want to spend the money on an expensive bed fan, there is a DIY option.

With a few supplies and some ingenuity, you can build your own bed fan for less than $50.00. I followed YouTube tutorials before to make one for fun with one of my buddies.

He says it works very well for him and his wife, so it appears to be a real solution on a budget.

You’ll need these supplies:

  • A foam cooler
  • 3 ” drain pipe (with elbow)
  • A fan
  • Razor blade
  • Cable saw (or steak knife)

The basic gist is to cut a small “fan-shaped” hole on top of a foam cooler, place a fan face down on top of the cooler (in the hole), poke a second hole on the opposite side of the top of the foam cooler, and stick the elbow shaped pipe into the hole.

Here is a graphic describing the end product:

Graphic of a DIY Bed Fan
Image by author via Canva—Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket?

The top of the pipe should curve so that you can tuck the pipe under your blankets (see the image above).

Then, you fill the foam cooler with frozen gallon jugs of water, plug in your fan, and turn on your DIY system.

The fan blows cold air into the foam cooler, mixes with the coldness generated by the frozen jugs of water, then funnels the cool air up the pipe, and under your blankets.

You can adjust the temperature of the DIY bed fan by changing the fan speed settings, and experimenting with different amounts of frozen water jugs inside of the cooler.

For a complete visual walkthrough (in under 5 minutes), watch this video:

YouTube video by Adam78994—Can you put a fan under a blanket?

How Else Can You Make Your Bed Cool?

You have lots of options to cool your bed at night. A bed fan is only one option.

You can also get a:

  • Cooling mattress pad
  • Cooling pillow
  • Cooling sheets
  • Cooling blanket

You can even use several of these products together for a wonderfully chilly night of sleep.

Final Thoughts: Can You Put a Fan Under a Blanket?

Enjoy the benefit of keeping your bedroom cooler without needing an expensive AC unit by putting a fan under the covers.

If you’re looking for a combination of cooling and style, take a look at my other articles on fans.

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