What Do Noctua Fans Come With? (11 Things You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to purchase a Noctua fan, then you might want to know what comes with one.

What do Noctua fans come with?

Here Is What Noctua Fans Come With:

Noctua fans come with the state-of-the-art fan itself, low-noise adaptors, screws, thermal paste, anti-vibration pads, splitters, extension cable, brackets, clips, backplate, special screwdriver, and a 6-year warranty.

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Many people ask about specific parts. For example, I can’t count the number of times someone has asked me about the screws or splitters that come with Noctua fans.

The rest of this article is a one-stop-shop for all your Noctua fan accessory questions.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Screws?

Yes, all Noctua fans come with screws.

These are called mounting screws. Mounting screws help you install the fan in your computer so that it stays in place.

Like most computer fans, the fan mounting holes probably won’t be threaded.

Screws for these unthreaded holes are technically referred to as “self-tapping screws.”

That means you’ll need to put some extra effort into getting the screws into the appropriate holes the first time. After that, removing or installing the fan will be much easier.

What happens is that the sharp ridges on the screws slice into the rubber mounting holes, creating the thread.

The mounting screws are usually either black or silver.

This video shows a complete unboxing of a standard Noctua fan with all the included parts:

YouTube video by Kevin Muldoon—What do Noctua fans come with?

Do Noctua Fans Come With AC Screws?

Noctua fans come with mounting screws, not AC screws. AC screws are air conditioning screws most commonly used in HVAC situations.

You only want to use mounting screws for securing your Noctua fan to your PC case.

Otherwise, the fan might not be secure or might not work properly.

Do Noctua Fans Come With External Screws?

Yes, Noctua fans come with external screws.

You must install the self-tapping screws into the mounting holes, which is usually a pain the first time you do it.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Exhaust Screws?

No, Noctua fans do not come with exhaust screws. Exhaust screws are generally for directing airflow out of the case.

You don’t really need them with Noctua fans because they already have that function built-in.

There are times when exhaust screws come in handy, though—for instance, if you want to use a fan as an intake for fresh air or for forced-air cooling.

Just make sure to purchase and use the correct type of screw.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Thermal Paste?

Yes, Noctua fans come with a small amount of thermal paste.

The thermal paste is called the NT-H1 thermal compound.

Thermal paste is made up of a hybrid of microparticles that help regulate the temperature of your computer.

Some fan models come with the thermal paste pre-applied. For other models, you’ll need to apply a small dab of paste in the middle of the heat spreader.

You should probably replace the thermal paste every three years.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Splitters?

Yes, many Noctua fans come with splitters.

Almost all of the standard Noctua fans include a Y splitter. However, the redux and IPPC versions do not automatically come with a splitter.

Splitters allow you to power two fans at once.

This will make your computer more efficient and it will run cooler too.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Adapters for a 3-Pin Fan?

Noctua fans come with a 4-pin connector that is compatible with a 3-pin or 4-pin fan.

This is great because it means that you don’t need to buy any other connectors. Noctua fans really do come with everything you need for your PC.

The adaptors help you control your fan speed.

Do Noctua Fans Come With a Daisy Chain?

Noctua fans do not come with a daisy chain, but you can connect multiple fans using splitters.

Essentially, a daisy chain helps you connect many fans to your headers. Use caution here, as too many fans connected to your header can lead to problems with your motherboard.

I suggest you connect no more than three or four fans to be safe.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Fan Wire?

When most people think of fan wires, they usually are thinking of ceiling fan wires.

However, computer fans do use wires for grounding, power, tach output, and PMW drive input.

Noctua fans are equipped with 4-pin PWM cables for fully automatic speed control via the motherboard BIOS or UEFI. The third wire (often blue) is used to transmit the PWM signal, the fourth wire enables RPM information transmission (usually blue+yellow).

The three-wire and four-wire 3-pin connectors on most fans are compatible with both 4-pin and 3-pin fan headers.

Do Noctua Fans Come With a Charger?

No, Noctua fans do not come with a charger.

Once you install the fan into your PC, the computer itself powers the fan. The fan does not use an additional power source like a charger.

Unless you go hard on your computer 24/7 for long periods of time, your fan will probably last you for many years.

Do Noctua Fans Come With an Extension Cable?

Most Noctua fans come with a 30 cm black extension cable.

Sometimes, the redux versions don’t come with a cable. While I think it’s always a good idea to have an extension cord on hand, you don’t always need one.

Your best bet is to install the fan with the provided cord.

It’ll probably do the trick. If not, you always take the fan out, get a longer extension cord, and reinstall it.

Not ideal, but it works.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Heatsink Clips?

Noctua fans come with heatsink clips for your fan plus clips for another, second fan.

The more Noctua fans you buy, the more clips you get.

Heatsink clips are a quick and easy way to mount electronics to extruded heat sinks. The clips keep the heatsink in place.

The heatsink attempts to keep computer components cool.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Extra Parts?

One of the cool features (pun intended) about Noctua fans is that the company offers a free mounting kit upgrade when you purchase a CPU cooling fan.

All you need to do is contact support: https://noctua.at/en/contact.

The Noctua warranty covers most spare parts and replacements.

Do Noctua Fans Come With Free Maintenance?

Noctua fans come with a 6-year warranty.

I don’t know if I would call it free maintenance (as the price of the warranty is included in the cost of the fan itself). However, you can get most of your service without any additional cost.

As long as you purchase the fan new (or used but under warranty), keep your proof of purchase, and contact support within 6 years, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Noctua fans are so well-made that you likely won’t ever need to use the warranty.

Final Thoughts: What Do Noctua Fans Come With?

Different Noctua fans come with different components, so It’s a good idea to always check with the company or purchasing site.

If you have any questions, Noctua customer service is typically fast and responsive.

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