Do Fans Deter Pests? (Answers for 14 Pests)

Nobody likes pesky bugs and insects invading their home or disturbing their relaxation outside.

Do fans deter pests?

Yes, fans deter pests. Fans can deter most small flying bugs such as flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and even some spiders. However, fans do not keep away crawling bugs such as ants, cockroaches, and bed bugs. Fans do not deter larger pests like bats or mice.

Let’s look at direct answers for fourteen different kinds of pests.

Do Fans Deter Flies?

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Floor fan—do fans deter pests?
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Yes, fans can deter flies.

Most medium and large fans push strong enough air to blow away flies.

This includes all the different types of flies:

  • House flies
  • Fruit flies
  • Blow flies
  • Horse flies
  • Deer flies
  • Latern flies
  • Black flies
  • Cluster flies
  • Crane flies
  • Face flies
  • Flesh flies
  • Horn flies
  • Sand flies
  • Yellow flies

The right placement and angle of your fan can make all the difference.

Place your fan at mid-level (not too low and not too high), and set it up so that the fan propels the flies (or other bugs) away from your area.

The last thing you want to do is push more flies into your space.

Do Fans Deter Mosquitoes?

Yes, fans deter mosquitoes.

Mosquitos are large enough to get hit by the wind that fans create.

Flies and mosquitos can be a pain in the summertime, but not when you have a fan on.

To get the job done, you’ll probably need a bigger or stronger fan.

Small, hand-held fans probably won’t work.

Check out this 2-minute video where a news channel proves that fans do, in fact, get rid of mosquitoes:

YouTube video by CCMVCD—Do fans deter pests?

Do Ceiling Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Celing fans can keep mosquitoes away.

You’ll need a big and fast fan strong enough to make it difficult for mosquitoes to fly through the space or area.

This is not the place to skimp on cheap fans that don’t push much air.

Do Misting Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Misting fans probably will not keep mosquitoes away.

Mosquitoes tend to like water and are used to flying in the rain.

Besides, most misting fans do not push strong enough air to deter mosquitoes.

Do Box Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Many box fans are not strong enough to deter mosquitoes.

Some box fans might be strong enough.

However, if your goal is a pest-free space, I recommend a floor fan, mounted fan, or ceiling fan.

Do Window Fans Keep Mosquitoes Away?

No, window fans will not keep mosquitoes away.

Window fans are designed to pull cool air into a house or push out stale air.

They are not strong enough to blow away flying bugs like mosquitoes.

Do Fans Deter Gnats?

Yes, fans can deter gnats.

Fans can typically blow away gnats because there’s enough wind force to push them away.

The bigger and faster the fan, the better it’ll work to deter gnats.

Do Fans Deter Bees?

Just like with other flying bugs, fans can definitely keep bees at bay.

Since you’re probably outside when battling bees, you’ll want a fan that blows the bees away from your patio or back porch.

Blowing bees further into your space or room is usually the opposite outcome that you want.

So, keep the setup of your fan in mind.

Do Fans Keep Away Wasps?

Yes, fans keep away wasps.

Wasps and bees behave very similarly to one another.

However, wasps can be much more defensive and aggressive than bees. Since they fly faster and sting with a different kind of venom, wasps should be treated as something worse than “bees.”

If you want to keep all flying insects away from your outdoor party or picnic, fans will do the job.

Do Fans Keep Midges Away?

Midges are flying insects that many people confuse with mosquitoes.

They do bite and often travel in swarms, making them a very annoying pest.

Since they are even smaller than most mosquitoes, fans can easily force them out of your area.

So, yes, fans can deter midges.

Do Fans Keep Moths Aways?

Yes, fans can help keep moths away.

Moths are attracted to bright lights at night, so keeping your windows covered will prevent moths from being able to fly into your house.

Larger fans are best for dealing with moths. They have enough energy to blow away even the biggest moth swarms.

So, keep that in mind if you’re buying a fan for this purpose.

Do Fans Deter Ants?

Fans do not deter ants.

Ants are small enough to crawl under the wind stream of many fans. Only a very big and very strong fan might impact ants.

Most likely, fans will have little to no effect on ants.

Do Fans Deter Cockroaches?

No, fans do not deter cockroaches.

Because they’re small and usually on the ground, cockroaches can crawl under any fan wind stream.

Fans hanging from the ceiling will also not stop cockroaches from coming into your home.

Do Fans Deter Bedbugs?

No, fans to not deter bedbugs.

Once again, desk fans, floor fans, and ceiling fans will do very little.

Since they’re crawling and not flying, bedbugs are not often affected by even strong air from larger fans.

Do Fans Deter Mice?

No, fans do not deter mice, rats, or other rodents.

Mice are too large for even large fans to effectively blow away.

Rats are even bigger and stronger, so fans will have little to no impact on deterring them.

Only the very biggest and very strongest fans might deter rodents. These are normally industrial fans outside of the budget and rules for most residential homeowners.

Do Fans Deter Bats?

Fans do not deter bats.

Bats are flying creatures, small enough to squeeze through the smallest spaces but large enough to withstand most homeowner fans.

Even if you have a big and strong fan, bats will still fly through the air stream.

You might keep a few bats away with a very strong fan, but not enough to make a difference over time.

Do Fans Deter Spiders?

No, fans do not deter spiders.

Spiders can easily spin strands of silk that are strong enough to withstand even the air currents of bigger fans.

Unless your fan is spinning at very fast speeds, spiders will simply hold on to their webs until you turn off the fan.

You may be able to make some smaller spiders relocate to a safer area where their webs are not regularly disturbed.

Do Fans Deter Stinkbugs?

No, fans do not deter stink bugs.

Stinkbugs might be affected by a fan if you have a big and fast-moving machine.

Otherwise, you’ll have to take other actions to prevent stinkbugs from getting into your house or invading your backyard barbeque.

Do Ceiling Fans Deter Bugs?

Yes, ceiling fans can deter flying bugs or insects, especially if the fan is turning at a fast enough speed to push bugs away.

Smaller or slow-turning fans will not deter bugs.

Ceiling fans will probably not keep crawling bugs (such as beetles and spiders) away from the room or space.

Do Porch Fans Keep Away Bugs?

Yes, porch fans can keep away bugs.

Because porch fans are designed to blow over a large area, the bugs will not be able to withstand the force.

Most bugs are very small and can easily be blown away from your porch, pool, backyard, etc.

Best Outdoor Fans to Keep Bugs Away

If you’re trying to keep bugs away, you can probably use a fan you already own.

However, if you want or need to purchase a new fan, I have some recommendations.

Fan TypeFans
Floor FanGeek Aire Fan
Tower FanDreo 42 Inch Tower Fan with Remote
Mounted FaniLIVING Wall Mounted Fan
Ceiling FanHoneywell Belmar 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Best Outdoor fansDo fans deter pests?

Best Indoor Fans to Keep Bugs Away

You might also want an indoor fan to keep bugs away.

Unlike outside fans, you want an indoor fan that isn’t too big or too strong.

Sitting inside of a hurricane is not very comfortable.

So, here are my suggestions for the best indoor fans to keep bugs away:

Fan TypeFans
Floor FanVornado 660 Large Whole Room Fan
Tower FanHoneywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan
Ceiling FanBig Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan
Best indoor fans—Do fans deter pests?

What To Do When Fans Don’t Keep Bugs Away

Fans can be a great low-tech and low-cost approach to pest control.

But fans won’t work for every pest.

You can also take other steps to get rid of bugs, whether you want to protect an indoor or outdoor space.

To keep bugs away, you can use sprays, foggers, insecticides, traps, electronic repellents, and more.

If those don’t work, I recommend calling a professional.

A pest control expert can help you assess the situation, make recommendations, and make sure that bugs are not becoming resistant to pesticides over time.

Can Fans Attract Bugs?

Under certain circumstances, fans can attract bugs.

For example, a fan can push or circulate humid air that is attractive to many insects, such as mosquitoes.

When a fan makes a room or space warmer, it can make the area conducive to gnats, flies, and other bugs.

If you point a fan toward a space or into a room, you could accidentally blow more bugs into the area.

Final Thoughts: Do Fans Deter Pests?

With the right fan, positioned correctly, you can protect your indoor or outdoor space from pests.

You can find fans at every budget level, so don’t give up on your pest-free space.

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