How Much Are Neck Fans? (10 Helpful Examples W/ Prices)

When I first bought a neck fan years ago I was surprised at how affordable they were. Since then, I’ve purchased, tested, repaired, gifted, and sold dozens of neck fans.

How much are neck fans?

Neck fans cost between $10-$150. Most bladed neck fans cost less at $10-$20, while most bladeless neck fans average $20-$40. The most expensive neck fan is Torras Coolify that can cost you between $100-$150. You can get pre-owned neck fans for up to half of the full retail price of a new fan.

Price ranges are nice, but real examples are even better.

How Much Are Neck Fans? (10 Real Examples)

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Two sideways bladeless neck fans—How Much Are Neck Fans
Image of my personal neck fan—How Much Are Neck Fans?

When looking at the price of neck fans, there is a very wide range.

Neck fans with external blades that you can see and touch cost less. Neck fans with internal blades (called bladeless) cost more.

To give you a better idea of how much neck fans cost, I put together two tables that include ten different types of neck fans.

The first table is for neck fans with external blades. The second table shows the prices for bladeless neck fans.

Here is the first table:

Bladeless NeckfanPrice
KJKJ Mini Neck Fan$9.00
Scurry Fan W/ Aromatherapy$10.00
Gulaki Fan W/ LED Lights$20.00
HandFan 5000mAh Fan$24.00
How much are neck fans?

Now, let’s look at the table for bladeless fans:

Bladeless NeckfanPrice
Torras L3$90.00
Torras Coolify$150.00
How much are neck fans?

It probably goes without saying that prices change over time, so always check for the most current prices at your favorite online or in-person store.

What Makes a Neck Fan More Expensive? (5 Good Reasons)

The price of a neck fan depends on several factors. Some of those factors include type, brand, and technology.

Here are five good reasons some neck fans are more expensive:

  1. Bladed vs. Bladeless
  2. Brand popularity
  3. Better technology
  4. Competitive Design
  5. Better performance

Bladeless Neck Fans Cost More

The main reason bladeless neck fans cost more is that they create 360-degree air movement.

This technology creates a safer fan that doesn’t have any external blades. Many people believe that bladeless fans are safer for children and pets.

I tend to agree.

The Popularity of the Brand

Just like any other product that exists, brand-name neck fans cost more than off-brand or “generic” neck fans.

Brand-name neck fans offer more credibility and trust.

The popularity of the brand raises demand for the product, which in turn increases the price.

If you don’t know the brand, you don’t really know what quality of neck fan you will get.

If you look at my tables above, some brands are pretty obscure.

Those less-popular neck fans cost less money.

Technology Determines the Price

Neck fans with better technology will cost you more money.

If you think about it, neck fans are simple devices. They cool your body by blowing air at you.

Most neck fans use similar technology. Bladeless fans use better technology than fans with external blades. Some bladeless fans use more advanced tech for faster charging or a more instant cooling effect.

Competitive Design Helps Determine Price

Neck fans with more stylish, comfortable, or adaptable designs are more expensive.

Neck fans such as FrSara (one of my favorites) come in many different colors and styles. If you like to express yourself through what you wear, then you may be willing to pay a few more bucks.

Some neck fans also come with additional neck padding.

Veamor neck fans (like the one pictured at the top of this article) give you the ability to twist and shape the flexible neckband to your neck size and comfort preference.

Neck Fans That Perform Better Cost More

It probably does not surprise you that better performance equals a more expensive neck fan.

Neck fans that charge faster, last longer, or cool you down more completely will cost you more money.

Performance is often a direct result of technology and design.

Torras Coolify looks like advanced alien tech, cools you down very quickly, and performs better than most other neck fans.

Are Expensive Neck Fans Really Better Than Cheaper Neck Fans?

I’ve used some expensive neck fans and I’ve also used cheaper ones.

I’d say that the majority of the more expensive ones perform better than their less-pricey counterparts.

The key is to just be smart about it.

For example, if you’re using a bladed neck fan, go with brand names at the top end of the lower price range.

Most bladeless neck fans (which I recommend over their bladed counterparts) fall into a similar price range. The price is typically an indication of quality and performance, but it depends on what you do with your neck fan.

For example, here are the best neck fans for different purposes:

Here is a fun and very informative video where three differently priced neck fans get tested and rated:

YouTube video by Sarah’s Off The Clock Adventures—How Much Are Neck Fans?

How To Find Low Prices on Neck Fans

You can sometimes get a great deal on neck fans.

Three ways to find lower prices:

  • Buy pre-owned
  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy off-brand

The best way to find cheap neck fans is to look for pre-owned brand-name neck fans.

Check online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. You can also look for these fans in the discounted section of physical retail stores.

You can save up to 50% on some neck fans by purchasing them preowned.

If you can wait until then, Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales in the United States can save you a ton of money.

Especially if you buy the neck fans in bulk, give them as gifts, or sell them for higher prices after the holidays. You may even be able to contact the manufacturer directly to negotiate a deal for bulk orders.

You can also look for neck fans that have lower prices because they are not as popular or they do not have the latest technology.

Just be sure to do your research on the product and read the reviews before purchasing.

Unbranded or generic brands cost less, but I don’t recommend them.

With neck fans, you typically get what you pay for.

How Much Should You Pay for Used Neck Fans?

You should not pay more than $10 for a used bladed neck fan. You should not pay more than $15-20 for preowned bladeless fans.

You never want to pay more than 70-80% of the retail price for a new neck fan.

Otherwise, you might as well just buy a brand new one.

New neck fans are less likely to be damaged and more likely to last longer than used fans. You never know how hard a previous owner worked your fan.

Also, the lithium-ion batteries in neck fans only last so long.

Final Thoughts: How Much Are Neck Fans?

You can purchase neck fans online or at physical stores like Walmart, Target, and Sharper Image. Shop around and you can probably find the best price.

I’ve tested a lot of neck fans over the years and never regretted buying the more expensive ones.



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